The success of You Tube has given online marketing a chance to make use of this powerful phenomenon to promote their online content. The site has received more than 1.75 billion views and hosts over 45 terabytes of footage for viewers around the world. Anyone looking to search for a video makes his first stop at

This is not to say that You Tube is the best quality video service that you can get out there. But for online marketers the more important factor that can be cashed in upon is the website???s popularity. You Tube offers mass exposure to all kinds of people looking to promote their blog, movie, or business on the internet.

The real question to be answered is how in the world can you get your video noticed amongst a sea of others. The You Tube audience has more than six million videos to screen hence you need to figure out a way to break through. Even if you manage to cook up great content you need to make some moves in order to generate traffic to your website.

Pointers of getting noticed on You Tube

??? Start off by creating your own channel. Creating your own channel is relatively easy because all you have to do is sign up. This gives you the opportunity to arrange all the content that you want in one location which will have a You Tube URL of its own. Here you can create your own profile, organize your content and link it to your website.

??? Customize it. You Tube has just enhanced the customization features that it has to offer to its members. The channel setting option will give you the list of customization features that you can operate. You can edit you content and design your profile. You can also short list nine videos to feature up front.

??? Choose an account type that is relative to your niche. When creating a channel you have a wide range of options to choose from ranging from standard to director, musician, comedian and guru. Having an account in a particular niche increases your chance of getting noticed as it narrows the focus of your channel. In this way competition is reduced and a plethora of self promotion opportunities increase.

??? Videos that run a length of five minutes or less are often most viewed. When looking to promote your web content make sure you create short and interesting clips that will retain the attention of the viewer. Even longer videos should be broken up into smaller pieces for the same purpose.

??? Categorize and tag your videos after having compiled your play list. Many people overlook this important stage but it is definitely worth it to take time out to properly tag your videos according to You Tube categories. You can search for similar content using keywords and then tag your videos accordingly. When it comes to video marketing you can make use of a wide array of keywords within your category.

??? When it comes to making play lists you should tailor it towards a specific niche. Creating targeted play lists gives viewers a chance to quickly find related content. By making the effort to create thematic play lists you will be able to drive more traffic to your website.

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Search engine marketing is a tough business. It is truly cut-throat in that every day you have a new competitor. The real trick to running an online business is getting traffic to your website. How do you go about enticing people to visit your site? This is exactly what this article is about.

The first thing you need to do is create really good content that either supplies great information, entertains, or helps someone solve some kind of problem. There are literally thousands of ways to do all of the above. Once you have about ten articles written between three hundred to five hundred words each, then I would say you are ready to start aggressively building links to your site.

Building links is something internet marketers and search engine marketers talk about all the time. The reasons is that it is absolutely crucial to get people to your site if you want to make any money online. A website that gets no traffic is like an empty store. You can have as many great products as you want up on the shelf, but if no one sees them, they might as well not exist. You want eyeballs looking at your wares so you can sell some of them.

If you can learn how to get not just traffic, but highly targeted, ready to buy traffic to your website, then you will be able to make money. It is a difficult thing to do, but if you do it right, you will have success in whatever online business venture you decide to do. The key is building links. You can build links by writing great articles that people want to write about or show to their friends. It’s like on youtube when you find a cool video and you send it to your friends to watch because you want them to share in on the joke. This is the same exact thing, except you want your content, not a video, to go viral. One of the keys, then, is to find out who you want to link to you.

If you can get other websites with similar themed content to link to you, then you will go far in the internet marketing business. There are many different tactics you can take. You can entertain, you can supply awesome information, you can gather a bunch of hard to find facts, you can make a list of great online tools, or hundreds of other things. You can even write blog posts with videos in them and write about the videos.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites out there dedicated to writing about search engine marketing, internet marketing, and affiliate marketing. You can get started reading online today by doing a simple search for this kind of thing. The interesting thing is that there are so many ways to succeed that it seems that most people do it in a different way.

There is no tried and true one way to find search engine success. You just need to work hard, learn about the business, get links, write epic content, and promote your site to everyone who will listen. People have struck it rich with all content sites, while others have mastered the affiliate marketing game and are experts at getting targeted traffic to their site and selling them products.

Some people master programs like Adsense or Chitika or use affiliate networks like Commission Junction or Neverblue Ads to make money on the internet. There are many ways to do it. It really does not matter which way you do it, because many of the methods are the same and transfer over to one another. If you become an expert at bringing qualified traffic to websites consistently, then you will be on your way to success and the sky is the limit. Good luck to you in your ventures online and in life!

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